I have the amazing ability to communicate with the spirit world. I see, hear and feel them.  I channel there loving personalities and give their messages to you.  Death is only the passing of the physical bodies, Our souls live forever.  The proof is in the reading.



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My Life as a Psychic
I am a third Generation Psychic Medium.  I was born, raised and baptized a Christian. I cannot explain why I see, hear and feel the things I do.  I only know that it is God Given! 

I have been intuitive since a young age.  I have always known things, but didnt know why.  The grandmother that helped to raise me, had the gift of premonition, but passed away before she could explain it to me.  I was only nine when she passed.  My other grandmother was a Minister for over 40 years, and she taught me the laws of God.  For many years, I prayed and struggled to understand why I was blessed with such a gift.  My grandmother kept telling me that God had a purpose for me, and that it would be revealed when the time was right.

I have had 3 near death experiences in this life time and have witnessed the amazing bright white light and the peace and comfort that came with it.  Each time I was told I needed to return here because it was not yet my time.  Each experience left me with an overwhelming feeling of love and my fear of death was gone.  

Then one day, God was finally ready to reveal his plan.  While dreaming, I had crossed into Heavens realm.  I was told by many spirits that I was given my gift to help others see the truth.  Spirit was ready to work with me and form my path.

I awoke with the most incredible feeling of love and peace.  I knew then what my destiny was.  I have worked with my spirit guides on a daily basis for years now, Channeling there positive and loving energy. I've learned from their teachings and have studied near death experiences and the paranormal.

I have helped Hundreds of people over the years.  I have dedicated my life to channeling Positive Spirit.

I am the Author of two books; Talking to Heaven 2012, and Beyond Belief 2013.

In October of 2013 I started a new group "Circle of Light" on Facebook
It is a private group of people seeking to enhance their life by working with their Spirit Guides, Angels and God.  If your interested in being part of the group, contact me on Facebook.