30  Minute Phone Reading  $80.00 

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Readings Include:  Connecting you to your  loved ones,  Grief counseling, Spirit guides revealed, Questions and  answers, Spiritual Advising. 

MESSAGES FROM HEAVEN                                               Call:  269-370-0243
My New Book:

"Talking To Heaven - The Simple Basics"    Was released October 2012          
This book is designed to teach you how to communicate with your loved ones in just 4 short weeks.  It is the same thing I have been teaching in my classes for years.    Buy now and save!       Just $ 40.00 + 5.00 S&H
My new book "BEYOND BELIEF" Was released December 16, 2013

This is my life story about what it was like growing up with Spirits around me.  What my Spirit Guides have taught me over the years and how to work with our energy.  I also describes my three near death experiences, what it feels like to die, what Heaven is like and what we go through when we get there.

It will describe what it is like to have a Higher Spirit walk into you.

It is the Ultimate love story between me here on earth and my soul mate in Heaven and sacrificing Heaven for Love.

The last three chapters were channeled through me by the High Elders on the other side and will tell you about Heaven and what we need to do now here on earth to prepare our place in Heaven
I hope this book will change your life as much as it did mine.
Order your copy now;  directly from the publisher and have it shipped to your door.

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